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The Afro-Latin Cultural Exchange Society presents:

The Victoria International Kizomba Festival

The Victoria International Kizomba Festival is an annual three-day festival held in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

Our Vision

The vision of the Festival is to promote appreciation for Kizomba alongside Semba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha, and Afrobeat through music, workshops, and social dancing.

A Dedicated Team

The Victoria International Kizomba Festival team is composed of dedicated, driven, and passionate individuals based out of Victoria and Vancouver. Our goal is to share our love for dance with communities in Victoria, the rest of Canada, and around the world.

Professionalism & Commitment

The team is guided by professionalism and a commitment to excellence. We strive to provide the highest quality festival where attendees have the opportunity to learn from high-caliber national and international instructors, enjoy social dancing to music provided by the best DJs in the world, and make lifelong friendships.

2024 Victoria International Kizomba Festival:

Fifth Edition Spotlight

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

“Come as a guest and leave as a friend.”

A Unifying Cultural Event

In promoting Afro-Latin dance styles, music, the history and origins at our events in Victoria, B.C., the Afro Latin Cultural Exchange Society (ALCES) strives to create a unifying cultural event promoting synergy between international and local artists and attendees.

We encourage the discovery of new artists, facilitating integration and closer ties between local communities, and giving our local artists exposure and a platform to perform at a high level.

Equality & Inclusion

The ALCES promotes equality, diversity, multiculturalism, respect, and inclusion. We make a conscious effort that our events are created with artists, taxi dancers, ambassadors that represent diversity in race, gender, and cultural backgrounds. As well, all attendees are welcome regardless of age, race, gender, what you identify as, sexual orientation, religious or political views, or for any other reason.

Our Committment

The ALCES is committed to promoting at our events an environment free from harassment, discrimination and abuse. Therefore, we do not tolerate harassment of any kind, any racism behaviour, any discrimination, and any unwanted attention.


In Victoria, we are extremely proud of having a very welcoming dance community. The positive energy is infectious and as we have always said “come as a guest and leave as a friend.”

Interested In Volunteering?

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about dance in Victoria and who want to be part of the camaraderie, fun, and growth of our thriving kizomba dance community. Perks include t-shirts and free admission to all events.


104-845 Burdett Avenue
Victoria, BC V8W 1B3

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